Welcome to The Fresh Physician resource for healthful, beautiful, and delicious recipes. Creating and serving tasty, appealing dishes that promote your health and the health of your family is the important final step in creating a “garden-to-table” healthy lifestyle.

What good is buying (or growing) healthful foods if no one enjoys eating them?  While many of the foods in The Fresh Physician eating plan may be new to you and your family, you still can easily learn to prepare these unfamiliar foods for maximal enjoyment.

The goal is the creation of healthful, beautiful, delicious foods that are simple to prepare.

The following collection of recipes has been created to achieve this very goal. The vast majority of the recipes are free of animal products but you will notice a few recipes that contain animal protein. Use these as an occasional foray or better yet, substitute plant foods instead.  (If you need help learning to easily substitute plant foods for animal products in any recipe,  please check out The Fresh Physician’s “Physician’s Garden Academy” video series.)

Also, an exciting way to prepare healthful foods is to plan your meal around the beautiful fresh ingredient that you just picked up from the farmer’s market, grocery store, or even your own garden. Experiment and have fun!

These recipes have been designed to provide maximum health benefits for everyone but if certain ingredients top the list for a particular health goals, the recipe will be “particularly recommended”.

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