Welcome to The Fresh Physician resource for healthful, beautiful, and delicious recipes. Creating and serving tasty, appealing dishes that promote your health and the health of your family is the important final step in creating a “garden-to-table” healthy lifestyle.

What good is buying (or growing) healthful foods if no one enjoys eating them?  While many of the foods in The Fresh Physician eating plan may be new to you and your family, you still can easily learn to prepare these unfamiliar foods for maximal enjoyment.

The goal is the creation of healthful, beautiful, delicious foods that are simple to prepare.

The following collection of recipes has been created to achieve this very goal. Our recipes are created for maximal flavor and nutritional value. Therefore, you will find that the majority of the recipes are completely plant-based, with the use of lots of fresh produce and herbs and with low fat and low sodium content.

If  these changes seem  daunting, you may find the practical information in The Fresh Physician’s “Physician’s Garden Academy” video series very helpful as you embark on this new adventure.

As an exciting new approach to meal preparation, plan your meal around the beautiful fresh ingredients that you just picked up from the farmer’s market, grocery store, or even your own garden. Experiment and have fun!


Sauces, Dips & Dressings

Perfect for topping or dipping!

Particularly recommended for:

Crispy & savory for snacking or topping.

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Pasta, Potatoes & Grains

This lasagna has it all.

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So healthy it can be eaten anytime!

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Family Friendly

Perfect for topping or dipping!

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