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We each have only one life to live within our amazing, miraculous body. At The Fresh Physician, our goal is to empower you to make informed and healthful choices that will lead to many more years of loving relationships, meaningful interactions, and joyful moments.

To uncover the research-proven methods for optimal blood pressure, The Fresh Physician has combed through thousands of medical publications to summarize for you understandable and pertinent information that you can apply today.

This isn’t a diet. 

And this isn’t simply a lifestyle. 

This is your life.

Your journey to healthy blood pressure begins today!

The Fresh Physician Healthy
Blood Pressure Information & Eating Guide

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The Fresh Physician Healthy Blood Pressure Information and Eating Guide contains over 25 pages packed with clear, concise summaries of research-proven information to immediately set you and your loved ones on the path to better blood pressure. For example, did you know that with the simple addition of soy milk to the diet, patients with hypertension (high blood pressure) were seen to lower their systolic pressure by 18 pts and diastolic pressure by 16 points? We can show you how. You would need to dig through thousands of detailed, statistical published medical reports to uncover this powerful, critical information. The Fresh Physician makes complex scientific information simple to understand and easy to apply today and every day.

Adding soy milk to your diet can decrease systolic blood pressure by 18 points!

Any One Health Information and Eating Guide

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Any Two Health Information and Eating Guides

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The Fresh Physician:
The Physician’s Garden Academy


The Academy is an amazing, engaging collection containing more than 20 fun, educational video lessons filled with highly practical information and inspiration, empowering you to easily tackle all of the important aspects of delicious whole-food, plant-based eating. The Academy supplements The Fresh Physician Health Information and Eating Guides and is valuable in jump-starting your healthier lifestyle by answering frequent questions and addressing common hurdles.

Every video in the Academy contains:

A sampling of the Academy topics includes:
The Fresh Physician’s “Physician’s Garden Academy” Cost:


The Fresh Physician
Personal Healthy Blood Pressure Consultation


This extraordinary service provides a personalized one-on-one consultation with a licensed medical doctor from Fresh Physician, who will address your specific health conditions and goals, partnering with you to answer your questions and shape a simple, delicious nutrition and lifestyle plan designed to specifically address your healthy blood pressure goals.

Each Fresh Physician Personal Health Consultation:

45-minute Fresh Physician Personal Health Consultation 

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90-minute Fresh Physician Personal Health Consultation 

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