Center for Health & Wellbeing

Event Date: Feb 23 & March 21, 2023

February 23, 1-2 pm:

Easy Tips for Choosing and Storing Produce for Maximal Nutrition

Join us for this fun and engaging course. We will discuss interesting and impactful information that will help you choose and store your produce for maximal nutrition.

March 21, 12-1 pm:

Simple Ways to Health-Up Any Meal

You will be surprised at how easy it is to maximize the nutrition of any meal! By keeping a few key ingredients and “superfoods” on hand, you can add disease-fighting nutrients to any meal.  And this change is so easy, you can implement it immediately and every time.  And you will maintain the delicious flavors of the foods that you love so that the whole family will be on board with (and may not even notice) the change.  As a bonus, we will discuss how to navigate healthful restaurant eating.

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