Steamed Artichokes

Artichokes are an absolute favorite vegetable and are one of the highest fiber foods out there – great for building up your healthy gut bacteria.

To enjoy them at their freshest buy them in Spring (March through May) or October. To ensure that they are fresh, give them a squeeze and hear them squeak. Otherwise, they are old and dried-out and will not be worth the effort. 


  1. Trim artichokes: cut off stem just below base so it sits flat. With the artichoke on its side, straight cut thru top of artichoke (creating a flat top) leaving last two rows of leaves. Next trim off the pointy tips of the remaining leaves with kitchen scissors.
  2. Add 1” depth of water to a covered pot and boil water.
  3. Place artichokes base-side down into the pot. Reduce heat to low boil and cover.  Steam for about 30 minutes (or more depending on size).  The artichoke is done when an outer leaf pulls off easily.  Do not overcook!
  4. Serve with vegan mayo, lemon mayo or olive oil with a squeeze of lemon.